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Welcome to my ship modelling web site

On this web site I will be displaying my model ships and some of the techniques and tools that I have used in building them. I enjoy scratch building so most of my model ships are built using only materials that are readily available to me either from within in my local area or from over the internet.

Over the last few years I have concentrated on building Radio Controlled 1:72nd Scale Model Warships. I have built mainly smaller ships that are related to Australia. Many of my models are of Royal Australian Navy ships such as Patrol Boats, Mine Hunters or auxiliary craft etc.  I also enjoyed building model yachts and static wooden model ships and I still indulge in these aspects of modelling occasionally.

In these pages I want to show the model ships that I have built over the years and some of the construction methods that I now use. My way is not the only way and probably not even be the best way but it suits me and what I have to work with. I am certainly not an expert model maker but I hope that my modelling efforts will inspire someone to attempt a model ship of their own.

I don’t believe that there is a right or a wrong way to go about constructing a model ship. It depends on the equipment that you have, the materials and tools that are readily available to you along with your level of skill and patience.  If you are happy with the end result of your last model then it has been a success, if your not happy then it has been a learning experience and you will know some of the pit falls to avoid when you build your next model ship.

I do not intend being overly descriptive throughout these pages, rather I hope to present ideas that others might use as the catalyst to develop there own way of doing things.

I hope that you enjoy looking through the pages of my web site.