Cape Class Patrol Boat

The Cape Class Patrol Boat took my interest early on as they a quite a colourful and attractive ship. Built in the same yard as the Armidale Class Patrol Boats there were originally eight built for the Australian boarder protection force. I decided to make a model at 1:72nd scale to compliment my 1:72nd scale Armidale model. Photos below show progress so far.

IMG_52732Frames were cut from 6mm MDF.

IMG_72112Between the frames was filled with pine blocks which were then sanded to shape. The whole plug was covered in fiberglass.

IMG_73324Several coats of flowcoat were applied and then sanded smooth. Detail was the added.

IMG_74031A fiberglass two piece mould was taken from the plug then a fiberglass hull was taken from the mould.

IMG_74164Styrene decks were glued into the hull.

IMG_74245The major structures were constructed from styrene.

IMG_75702Bridge windows and mast opens cut out.

Added some colour to the model

First run on the water