My Workshop

The links above show some of the tools and gadgets that I have made to help in building my models.

I enjoy getting out in my workshop and building things. Most of the time I spend building my model ships but I also enjoy building tools and jigs etc that help when I am building my models.

I have a reasonably well equipped modeling workshop but there is always room for another tool or two. My tools range from miniature hand tools to some purpose built hobby machines.

There are a couple of machines that I would be lost without, particularly given that I like to scratch build as much of my models as I can. Both my Lathe and my Milling Machine are must have tools for me. I am amazed at how often I get out and turn something up on my Lathe. It might be a small deck fitting or a complete set of running gear for a model but it is always in use. In my opinion, a lathe is the best tool that any scratch builder of model ships you could have. The milling machine is not far behind in it’s usefulness, making things flat and square is easy and it sure beats filing by hand. The only trouble with these machines is that you can never have enough attachments, accessories or tool bits for them.

Other tools that I find particularly useful are a small bandsaw,  a linisher/sander and my Dremel rotary tool.

Of course there are the usual hand tools that you just can’t do without such as saws, knives, files, pliers, hammers and clamps etc but these need no explanation.


A rotary tool such as a Dremel is also a must in the ship modellers workshop. There are many different bits and attachments available for these tools that can be very helpful when drilling, sanding, grinding and polishing.


My Lathe is a Hobbymat MD65. It is a great little machine for small work. I have had this machine for over ten years and I wouldn’t be without it.


A small Bandsaw is one of those tools that can be used to cut all sorts of materials. I find it a must in my workshop.

Mini Mill

My Milling Machine is a more recent acquisition but it has also been very useful.

A sander of some sort can be very useful. I find that this combination machine with both a disk and a belt is pretty versatile.