Other Scale Warships

I have always enjoyed building military ships, particularly small ships like Patrol Boats etc, the trouble is that in smaller scales they are often not very good functional models. I find that these smaller type ships are often better modelled in larger scales so that they have a length of at least 900mm. ThisĀ  then gives enough room to fit appropriate motors and electronics to make a successful function model.

Below are photos of other warship models that I have made and a little about each one:

hdmlHarbour Defence Motor Launch. This is a 1:24 scale model and is probably the first radio controlled model boat that I made. It was made using a free plan that was issued with the Model Boats magazine in January 1984. The whole model was made of cardboard. The hull was double diagonal planked with strips of cardboard and then sealed with enamel paint. It was a great model and inspired me to build more functional models.
asrl1RAF Air Sea Rescue Launch. This is a 1:24 scale model and was my second Radio Controlled model boat. Once again built from cardboard using a free plan from Model Boats magazine June 1982. I also used some balsa wood in this model to give some strength to the large flat areas.
hmas_wollongongHMAS Wollongong (II) 206. This is a 1:35 scale model of a Fremantle Class Patrol Boat. I have made several of these over the years and they are a good sized functional model. They can fit easily in the boot of the car for transport yet they are very stable when on the water. This model is driven by two 540 style electric motors through a home made electronic speed controller.
hmas_rushcutterHMAS Rushcutter M80. This is a 1:35 scale model of an Australian designed and built Mine Hunter Catamaran. Another good sized model that I have had for many years. Very stable on the water and it makes a good rescue boat for those models that seem to stop in the middle of the lake. With the twin hulls it is easy to push another model from the side or to jam it in between the hulls to bring it back to shore. This one is powered by two 380 style electric motors driving two home made kortz nozzles making for a very manuverable model.

HMAS Collins. This is a 1;50 scale model of an Australian Collins Class Submarine. The model was made before the lead ship was completed so much of it was a guess as to how the real ship would look. This was my first attempt at a model submarine and as it turned out it was not very successful. The first time that it went under water it stayed there. After some searching I found it again but soon lost interest in this model until years latter.


HMS Active. This is a 1:96 scale model of a British Type 21 Frigate. I had always liked the look of this class of ship and could not resist the opportunity to build a model of one. I learnt a lot by building this model as it was the first time that I tried to make a fiberglass hull and it was the first time that I had used plastic to make the decks and fittings etc. If only I had made it in 1:72 scale.