Model Yachts

Every now and then I get the bug to build another model yacht. I have built a few over the years and I still enjoy sailing them occasionally.

Below are photos of most of the model yachts that I have made. I still have a couple of these models but some have been given away to young people who have wanted to get into sailing.


This is a One Metre model yacht (Ragtime) that I built and have sailed for about 18 years. The hull is planked with two different coloured timbers giving a distinct striped effect. It has been a great model yacht and still sails well.

Marblehead A yacht that I made about 1994. This one is a Marblehead that was pretty easy to see when out on the water.
701 This little yacht was built to the same plan as the Ragtime above but was reduced to 70% of the size. It was made for my sons to sail but one of my daughters seemed to like it more than the boys did.


Three of my early model yachts. A 36R, a 1 Metre and a 10 Rater.


This is not really a model yacht but it still sails around so I thought that I would add it to this page. This is a Pearling Lugger scratch built from a variety of different timbers. It sails alright in light winds and looks good on the water.


Another model that is not really a yacht. This is a scratch built model based on the plans of the static model of the Endeavour that I built. A detachable keel was bolted to the bottom of the hull to help keep it upright when sailing. I also fitted a small electric motor and prop to help sail into the wind. The sails were fixed in position with the rudder and motor under radio control.