Static Models

I have had a go at building static model ships at different times. The thing that I like best about these type of models is that everything is in the kit.

Below are some photos of the static models ships that I have built.


HMS Endeavour. This is the first static model kit that I built. Looking back it was a very ambitious model to start with. I made lots of mistakes but I was happy with it at the time. It took me almost three years to build. If I were to build it again I am sure that it would be a much better effort.


A couple of photos of my scratch builtĀ models of the Port Jackson Schooner under construction. The smaller model will be static. The larger model is the same ship at three times the size. I plan to make this one functional.

harveyHarvey. Soon after completing the model of the Endeavour I could not help myself and had to buy another kit to have a go at. This time I tried something a little simpler and was very happy with the end result.
lehussardLe Hussard. This kit was given to me partly completed by a family member who had seen my models and thought that he would have a go at one himself. After several months he had had enough and passed the kit onto me. I completed the model but was never really happy with it. Looking back I should have completely dismantled the thing and started from the beginning myself.
mjMarie JeanThis model was a bit different as the hull was painted rather than being natural timber. Also being a Billings kit there were many plastic fittings to work with. I was happy with the result in the end.
swiftSwift. This is my most recent attempt at a static model ship. A pretty simple kit that went together very quickly. I found it to be a good distraction from my normal scratch building. This was another kit that was given to me partly completed. In this case I did pull it all apart and started again. This was basically completed during my three weeks off work for the Christmas holidays in 2006.