My Model Ship Drawings

I have found that there are limited plans or drawings available for some of the models that I have wanted to build. Particularly plans of modern warships of the Royal Australian Navy. I understand the reason for this as often the builders of modern ships, particularly those still in service, are not able or willing to release drawings that are covered by contract confidentiality issues.

I have also found that some of the plans or drawings that are available have not shown the sort of things that I like to see on a drawing. Many have limited detail or show the ship as proposed which is often very different to how it is ultimately constructed. Some drawings don’t show hull lines at all, others only show a few cross sections at random places along the ship.

In some cases I have redrawn plans or drawn my own to help me in constructing my models. This has been a very time consuming process but well worth it and something that I have enjoyed. I don’t claim that my drawings are 100% accurate but I think that they give a reasonable representation of the ships given the available information. I try to use close up photos of the real ships to help with the detail when I am drawing my plans. I am continually researching many of these vessels and as I find more information on a particular ship I try to update my drawing.

My drawings are not detailed constructional drawings and they give no indication on how to go about building a model. They give the outline shape of the ship and the major equipment fitted only. They are suitable for someone who has scratch built models before and already has an understanding of model construction techniques.

My drawings have all been done on my computer using Corel Draw. This allows a very high level of detail to be drawn with good crisp lines. The completed drawings can be scaled up or down to an appropriate scale and can then be printed out as required.

Below are some examples of the model ship drawings that I have been working on as I find the time and motivation. Not all of these drawings are complete, several are still works in progress that I hope to finish one day. The examples below are only small partial files that show the type of drawings that I have done. Some contain other views such as cross sections and hull lines not presented below.

Armidale Class Patrol Boat

Fremantle Class Patrol Boat

Landing Craft Heavy

Pacific Forum Patrol Boat

Oberon Class Submarine

Collins Class Submarine

AE Submarine


Bronzewing Tug

Harbour Defence Motor Launch

Huon Class Mine Hunter